No matter what materials man creates, the use of wood will always be the most exquisite finish for your house or any other structure that you are constructing. The use of ceramic tiles is possibly the most convenient option to your flooring needs. Ceramic tiles require only to be mopped, or if particularly dirty, they can simply be scrubbed clean. But such conveniences also means that beauty and elegance is compromised.

Since time immortal, man (and many other animals) have built their homes using wood. There are an innumerate variety of trees that are used across the globe for building purposes, one of the newest options being bamboo shoots!

Wood is strong. Wood is completely natural which means that it’s use is possibly the best option as far as environmental sustainability and safety is concerned. No harmful chemicals leak in to the atmosphere and to the nearby watersheds because of the use of wood!

But wood also comes with a cost. Wood is, in its own right, hard to maintain. Because it a naturally occurring material, it is very prone to decay at the hands of the sun, the rain, humidity, heat, insects and other animals. With proper treatment which is administered as soon as the wood has been installed, you can rest assured for at least the next couple of decades that your flooring would be trouble free, even if it is situated in the great outdoors.

The timber decking prices that we offer are definitely the most reasonable that you will find in the Sydney and New Castle regions of Australia. We are a passionate group of individuals, whose aim is to provide exceptional quality and service when installing wooden floors, where our highest expertise lies in the use and maintenance of woodwork that is found outside of the house.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your obligation free quotation of our timber decking prices. We offer you a wide variety of types of woods for you to choose from, and then go on to install this in whatever location that you wish. Then the real work starts, with sanding done (if required), and the appropriate treatment applications worked upon the wood.

These treatment options would vary based on the wood that you choose to use, and where the wood is instead, in that the elements that it is expected to be exposed to will determine the kind of treatment and care that it requires in order to keep looking it’s best for years and years to come.