Washing clothes is not an easy job, although you have been doing the washing since years you might have not noticed but there might have been some common slip ups that cause a not necessary damage to the fabrics, clothes and other textiles.

First of all, it is not always true that you only have to sort the white clothes and the colored clothes, there is detailing in all of that. For example, you have to turn the denim inside out and then wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. This prevents the denim from fading away and have the new touch for a long time. The right way to wash the clothes in a washing machine are to first of all, place the laundry St Kilda in the washing machine, then add the water and at last the detergent or soap or whatever you want to use. However, if you want to use bleach too, you should go about the order that says, adding water first, then adding the clothes and the detergent in the end.

The dryer in the washing machine should be used as less as possible. One should try and not use that dryer rather, they should have their clothes air dried so that the delicate items are not stretched and so keep up with their original shape. Another pointer to go about is that you should not put the socks in the washing machine along with the rest of the clothes and other textiles as they tend to attach with other garments and you end up losing one of them. You should put the socks in a laundry bag so that they do not get misplaced during all the washing that is being done.

Zippers in the jeans should be properly closed as they can be scratching all over the washing machine and go around ruining the delicate clothing in the washing machine along with them. Same is the case with unclipped bras, as they can also prove to be damaging the fabrics that are in the washer with them. The best precaution you can take so that your clothes do not bleed and transfer their colors to other clothes, you should give them a quick wash the first time you get the clothes so that you test them and if they do bleed, you might want to have them washed separately the next time.

The most common mistake people do in trying to get the stains removed is that they rub the soap on to the stain, it does nothing but might even spread the stain and affect the quality of the clothes from that particular area. The right way to go about it is to dab the area with the stain, a=with the soap inside out and try and remove the stain as quick as possible.