A big house has more than enough space for proper decoration and furniture or other arrangements. But in a small space it is too challenging to decorate it properly. There are decorators who can help you in designing your small space perfectly. If you are thinking to take up the entire decoration of the space, then you need to know about the basics of the decoration. Otherwise, some mistakes in your decoration will make the complete appearance of your house a mess.
The common mistakes which are found in the small house decoration must be avoided or your hard labor and money will be wasted. Mistakes in bathroom renovations, dining room designs need to be avoided in order to have a functional and beautiful home.
Let’s have a look into these common mistakes, and try to avoid them.
• The visual sight is interrupted: When your house is small, naturally you will have the adjacent rooms. Most of the people put the same color or style in all the rooms of the house. But that’s a great mistake actually. The same style or color will leave the house with a dull look. So you must put different colors in the rooms and try some strikingly different styles in them.
• Large bathtubs in the bathroom: In your small bathroom, the decoration or in case of Auckland bathroom renovations, the plan – must be intelligent and attractive. Don’t go for the fascination of having large bathtubs. They will make your bathroom look smaller. So have a proper sized bathtub in your small bathroom.
• Staircase is for going to the terrace: That is another big mistake done by the people. As the stairs consume quite a large space, you must utilize them properly. Make drawers in every step of the stairs and put your less essential things into it. If you can utilize every step of the stairs in this way, just imagine, how much space you can save in the household.
• Kitchen space is wasted: People love to have cabinets in their kitchen and thus a small kitchen gets more cramped. When you have a small kitchen, you must utilize the entire space. So plan it accordingly – decoration, storage, and function.
• Large beds and messy decorations: It is common tendency among people to have large beds and lots of decorations in their bedroom. In no way it is correct. Have a small bed and patterns on the wall. This will make the room look elegant as well as beautiful. You can add a drapery to the room for enhancing the beauty of the room.