Landscaping can be a very subjective art, after all, beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder. Certain homeowners take this piece of advice as a belief they should strive to always do as they believe is and looks best, whereas others – usually real estate entrepreneurs and homeowners interested in selling their properties – may take this as a hint to always consider the mainstream ideas on beauty and appeal. Now, if you are in the latter group when it comes to your landscaping choices, there will be do’s and don’ts with regards to landscaping; below are some of the worst mistakes to avoid: Go here  for more information about landscape architect. 

Not maintaining symmetry – symmetry is one of the oldest ways in landscape construction Sydney to create a beautiful garden. The idea of symmetry can be limited to just two pairs of trees on either side of your front porch, or it can be as large scale as having your entire garden be symmetrical in any and all aspects. To whichever extent you decide to pursue the aesthetics of symmetry, it is very important to always maintain that symmetry. Anyone visiting your home and garden can surmise whether you have intended for something to be symmetrical or not – and you certainly want to avoid a scenario where it is obvious you failed to maintain that symmetry.

  • Not maintaining your hedges – another very common strategy used by landscape architects is hedges. These can double as excellent borders between neighbouring properties, especially in neighbourhoods and districts where security fencing is not a very big issue. That being said, a hedge can look aesthetically appealing only so long as you maintain it. Hedges can grow beyond their intended size, and not can this be very troublesome, but also unappealing to look at. Make sure you are regularly trimming your hedges – or, if you are unsure of how to do this, have a professional trim your hedges instead.
    • Pruning flowering trees and bushes at the wrong time – another very common mistake homeowners make when it comes to landscaping is pruning plants at the wrong time. Pruning is a very important part of garden maintenance, and when done right, ensures that your landscaping efforts do not go to waste. However, many amateurs fail to properly understand that different plants have different timetables – and pruning in the wrong season can potentially mean you won’t get to see the flowers of your plants (because you are nipping off the buds as well). Make sure to research each plant carefully, so that you know when they are in their flowering season – and always avoid snipping off buds accidentally!