The heart of the kitchen is the benchtop.  It is the place from which meals are prepared and served for the family. It is the center for holiday meals.  It is the place where you welcome and entertain guests to gather and dine.  The kitchen benchtop is the focal piece of making family memories.  With such an important role, the benchtop needs to be beautiful yet functional.  Once you have invested in a benchtop, it needs proper care to preserve and protect it for years to come.
Here are some ways to care for your kitchen benchtop. Protect it from heat
A benchtop made from high quality materials such as stone, laminate or other materials, is built to withstand heat.  Dishes that are warm from steaming food, and freshly baked casseroles will naturally be hot.  Protect your benchtop from very hot pots and cookware by placing a thick pad under it as it comes directly from the source of heat.  Extreme heat will mar or scorch surfaces.  Always use a thick heat resistant heavy cloth between the cookware and the surface of your benchtop to keep it well protected.
 Proper cleaning
Ordinary cleaning can be done with a soft cloth and water.  Stubborn or dried food may need hot soapy water to remove.  Cleaning keeps your benchtop looking its best at all times.  Heavy abrasive cleaners such as scotchbrite or wire scrubbers are too harsh and may dull the finish.  Avoid harsh chemicals that could also damage the finish.  Proper cleaning will maintain the integrity of the finish and keep it looking its best. Seal surfaces regularly that require that care
Some surfaces such a wood finishes, granite, or natural stone are naturally absorbent and may need a sealant.  A sealant makes the surface resistant to liquids and staining. Always choose a sealant recommended by the manufacturer of your benchtop for best results.  Sealants purchased without manufacturer approval could void the warranty.  Always check with the company if you are unsure if a sealant is safe for your benchtop. It is better to be safe than sorry. Protect surfaces from scratching
Most benchtops made from contemporary materials are made to be scratch resistant.  It will hold up well with keys, laptops, groceries sliding across.  Ordinary family wear and tear should not affect the surface.  However, one should take care to protect it against harsh treatment.  Always use a cutting board when slicing vegetables and cutting meats. The pressure and serrated metal blade of the knife could possibly damage your benchtop.  Avoid dragging metal objects.  Ordinary precautions will preserve the life and beauty of your kitchen benchtop.