Month: August 2016

Understanding Landscape Design

A landscape design is a very important concept to those who value beauty and authenticity. You would want to have your compound covered with nice flowers and have the look that will rival a king’s palace, and leave every visitor to your home green with envy and admiration. You also want your ground work to be level and look more appealing to both occupants of your home and to the outsiders. Decayed leaves may also need to be cleared as they will always make your home look ugly and very inhabitable. These leaves can be made proper use of by turning them into compost manure.

Proper drainage is also very necessary to avoid stagnant water or a basement full of so many leaks. Too much water in your farm or homestead can pose a health hazard to your friends and family members as they will be vulnerable to water borne diseases. You can control water logging in your farm or home compound using certain types of plants that do well in swampy soils. They have got special roots that will always work to absorb most of the water from the ground, leaving your compound dry and therefore more comfortable.

Some home owners would prefer to have fire pits in their back yards where they can always gather around in the evenings and have fun, probably by telling stories to their little children and chatting away the night with their adult age mates and relatives.

Weed control is also very important in landscaping. There are two major methods a land owner will always be advised to use in his or her quest to control these unwanted and troublesome plants. First, you can use herbicides. Strong and very high quality herbicides are very effective weed killers. However, the bad side is that they have is that due to their artificial nature, they may in the long run interfere with the soil productivity, a blow to a home owner who would be interested in farming in the near future. Another method of controlling weed could be starving the roots by eliminating any upcoming shoot. It is basic biology that any living organism will always need food in order to survive.

Common notorious weeds include; stilt grass and the ground elder.

It would be very essential to note that designing of landscapes come in two different forms; hard scape design and soft scape design.

Moreover, Private gardens are the true living beauty of proper designing of landscapes. These gardens are privately owned as the name suggests and can offer you the peace of mind you need especially after a long day at work or in school.

Retaining walls are meant to bar the soil to those slopes that may not be natural. They bind the soil between two different levels in poorly sloped areas where there is that need to properly shape the land maybe for hillside farming or roadway overpasses. The walls come in different varieties. GRAVITY: it capitalizes on its mass to retain soil. It consists of concrete, stones and some other heavy materials.